Haiti 2011

Posted: December 29th, 2010

Its been a year since the Haiti earthquake and it looks like the aid agencies are still struggling to get the aid to where it counts. Unni Karunakara asks the question, quite rightly, in his Guardian article ‘Haiti: where aid failed’ Link to article
Why have at least 2,500 people died of cholera when there are about 12,000 NGOs in the country?

When I was out there in January I experienced something of this unexplainable lack of urgency. I came across an entire camp of 4000 Haitians who one month after the quake had still not received any meaningful aid, despite many attempts to attract attention. My own emails to highlight their plight fell on death ears and I couldn’t help wondering what it would take to get them the aid they needed. I’m sure they have received something now but whether it is enough I feel is doubtful. An investigation into the failings as well of the successes of the Haitian aid mission I’m sure would be very interesting as well as worthwhile.

In the meantime for those who do feel they want to help in some way it you might do worse than giving to a small Catholic Haitian charity I came across while I was out there, run by Connie an American and Alex, a Haitian. Alex is pictured on a sofa with a large crack in his house visible behind him. They are both genuine and passionate about their work, They have a specific remit. They are looking after Haitians in the district of Aquinn, Amongst other projects they they are looking for sponsors to help with the long term care of 24 earthquake orphans. and money to sponsor the education of Haitian School children http://www.hhelpingh.org. In their words:

“Thank you for caring about children in Haiti! You are a click away from giving a girl or boy in Haiti the chance of a lifetime — as a school sponsor. With your sponsorship gift of $65 a year for grades K through 8 and $100 a year for high school students, you’ll provide hope your child will never forget, and help that will last a lifetime. Your child will receive a school uniform, books, and an education for an entire year.”
You can sponsor a child right now by clicking the donate button :
To donate
I have just done this and it takes two minutes. You may want to review some of the portraits taken a year ago taken a year ago showing Haitians coping in the aftermath with enormous dignity.