Events ( Virtual or Otherwise) and Ethics in News Photography

Posted: June 21st, 2010

Just thought I would take a few moments to post a few interesting links to any photography fans out there about some events that I have been, or am about to be taking part in.

Coming up next week, is a presentation of my Haiti work by curator Nathalie Belayche at Slideluck Potshow, Paris, <> Anyone who cant make it to Paris can download the presentation here:

The other events have already happened but can be seen online at OPEN-i if you are a member, or at the links below. They are essentially seminars taking place on the web, where practitioners and so on contribute live. The last one was particularly interesting with blogger Pete Brook kicking off ( <>) with some very interesting material raising questions about the nature of news photography.

His ‘webinar’ was based on his research of images, taken by over fourteen separate photographers of Fabienne Cherisma, who was shot dead by Haitian police whilst supposedly looting.

There is one particularly disturbing image by Nathan Weber which shows six photographers simultaneously photographing Fabienne’s body. His video can be seen here. <>

Pete Brook’s blog on the topic is also well worth a read and can be found at: <>

All the above was particularly relevant to me because although I hadn’t discovered this work before I went to Haiti ( and no offence intended to the photographers who are risking their necks to do their job) but it was this type of coverage which made me want to try and do something different.

Lastly, can I draw your attention to the link below which was another webinar with contributors to Foto 8’s Cross Current issue talking about their work live online, my input starts after 30 minutes <>

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