Autum 2010

Posted: November 19th, 2010

Well its been a eventful summer and although is fairly obvious to say I am not the most gushy or frequent of bloggers, quite graphaphobic actually, I thought I would post a few words about some stuff and happenings of the last few months.

Lets start with this picture by my son Fergus Max, age 5. I think its pretty good- ok he is using a canon 5d mark 2 ( that my camera not his) and maybe I helped a little with the exposure and discussed the zone system, gave him a few pointers regarding dynamic range 🙂 but still the composition is pretty good. Its quite refreshing really – I think when it becomes so easy to take pictures , “ A child could do it” we have to move beyond what is purely seductive and learn to try and take images with depth, don’t we?

I was interviewed recently for this web site ran by photographer, Jonathan cherry, who is collecting an interesting archive of photographers, where I discuss this idea and others with a little (but not much) more depth. Here’s the link

Jonathan Cherry’s site