Life on the Road – The North Circular

The North Circular is a road with its own environment. It’s a mass of contradictions. It could be described as Hostile, volatile and suffocating but also as Home. Thousands of us travel on it, every day in an experience, which can be, described as mundane but in many ways the juxtaposition of (almost) motorway and residential pedestrian space creates a place that is unique almost exotic. The space that is distinct is very close to the actual road, even 5 meters back it starts to merge into the rest of London, it is the tarmac and very few square meters of pavement and buildings, so close they are united, that is interesting. The importance of the road too so many makes it a subject worthy of documentation but add to that the character of this matchless thoroughfare, issues of pollution and road safety and hopefully there is potential for a project with resonance and importance.

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