Brother Jack!

When my mother died three years ago I started taking pictures of my brother Justin; I’m not sure why I waited until this moment maybe I felt I should have taken more pictures of my mother when she was alive; maybe it’s a good excuse for a workaholic to hang out with his brother? Jack ( his chosen alias) like our mother has schizophrenia and has struggled with the condition almost his entire adult life; it defines him but does not stop him living his life in his own way. When we hear about the condition very often its because we are reading a screaming headline about it in the tabloids, because there has been some kind of violent incident. This kind of reporting stereotypes a very complex condition and does not tell us much about it. Here we see the beginnings of a very personal piece of story telling about the life of my brother, a man living with schizophrenia.

These pictures represent a small part of a long term ongoing project.

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