A successful documentary photographer for many years, working for some of the UK’s best know brands, (Sunday Times, Saturday Telegraph, Marie Claire etc); Louis is increasingly looking to exhibit. His most recent project, ‘Big Brother’ was selected for the Metro Imaging Portfolio review prize at Format17, Was Series Winner of the Renaissance Photography prize 2017 and is to be published as a book by Dewi Lewis. His, Arts Council funded, Solo show, ‘Before They Were Fallen’ toured the UK, and reflects an interest in Aftermath that has taken him, previously to Libya, Afghanistan, Haiti and Kosovo. His work exploring globalisation, Desk Job, was selected, notably for: Renaissance 13, Open Eye Gallery 15 and Format15. He has twice been a finalist at the National Portrait Gallery portraiture award and is held in their permanent collection. He is a visiting lecturer.

For information on any of the photographs or for possible commissioning please contact Louis on any of the following:

Email: louisquail@gmail.com

Tel: +44(0)7958 542 437


Print and pricing strategy

Apart from the special editions available in the Kickstarter October 2017, prints from the project  “Big Brother” will be priced and sized as below with artists’ proofs as specified. A selection of no more than 25 images will be made  available from the project  for purchase.

£500, 12 x 12 inches Edition of 10 ( 2 artists proofs ( AP) )

£750 (900 framed), 20 x 20 inches Edition of 8 (one AP )

£1500, 50 x 50 inches Edition of 3 (one AP)

Prices may increase, as editions get smaller, or for tax and dealer reasons but will not be available from me for less than above. I value your support and am committed to ensuring print purchases made become great investments.


Louis Quail Photographer